Black versus White intelligence.

There aren’t many subjects that could make me more inwardly steaming and outwardly less likely to ever take the speaker seriously again. (followed closely about how Japanese are genetically unable to learn English.)

Get over it already, will you?

We start out the same, folks. Environment, diet, culture plays a huge part in how people as a whole develop. We are all individually born with mental differences, but it gets ironed out.

Now there’s proof. A money shot from the Economist authored paper:

“The striking result we find is that there are no racial differences in mental functioning at age one, although a racial gap begins to emerge over the next few years of life.

So what does this mean for the genetics vs. environment debate? Quoting from our abstract, “the observed patterns are broadly consistent with large racial differences in environmental factors that grow in importance as children age. Our findings are not consistent with the simplest models of large genetic differences across races in intelligence, although we cannot rule out the possibility that intelligence has multiple dimensions and racial differences are present only in those dimensions that emerge later in life.”