From the part-time job:

Do you think you can be friends with someone who has similar interests as you, or different?

Is it weird for me to say that I am disappointed that most of the respondents to this question say it’s too hard to be friends with people who are different?

I would like to get up on a high horse and be like “diversity rocks!” and “Life’s not interesting unless you’re learning something new.”

Because, you know, I MARRIED a guy from the opposite end of the earth.

But then I thought about my friends- my good friends whom I see multiple times a week- and I realized they are all very similiar to me.

I bet you can figure out what we have in common? Japan and kids.

So I was kind of disappointed in myself until I realized that BESIDES Japan and kids, the people with whom I hang are fairly diverse. Just yesterday I was talking to someone with whom I, on the surface, have a lot in common.

we both have two girls. Live in Portland metro area. Are in international marriages. Are concerned about education. Are middle class.

But. I often find myself thinking to myself ‘what planet is she on?’ because of the widely differing views we hold from everything to appropriateness of nail polish on children to the stockpiling of water for terrorist catastrophes.

So maybe I shouldn’t be as disappointed in myself as I thought. Maybe the outwardly strong connection of Japan allows me to become friends with people with whom I’d ordinarily not come across because of our differing interests and life experiences.

I hope so.