Today’s weather was like what people must stereotypically think of Portland: wet, cold, gray, drizzly, and fogged up all over.

And since I’m nearing the end of the second week of Naoto’s three week absence, it’s a fairly good indication of what’s going on inside me, too.

I think that, left to myself, I would just curl up in a ball and let girl2 play Boowa and Kwala all day long while girl1 wandered around the house looking lost and bumping into sharp corners. But my friends aren’t letting me.

They keep asking me out to dinner, or to OMSI, or Grandma comes over and kidnaps girl2 for almost the entire day.

(Naoto, remind me to take you to Koreana restaurant when you get back, the kimchi is AWESOME! And it’s next door to Bubble Tea. Because on rainy days, nothing hits the spot like vietnamese coffee with tapioca pearls)

So the reason the journal’s been quiet isn’t because interesting stuff isn’t happening, it’s just my natural inclination to HIDE from the world when things get difficult.

But I’m halfway through Naoto’s absence, so things should get better just in time for December.