I am starting another novel, finally. This means I am setting word goals for myself and forbidding blog surfing until those goals are set.

Anyway, I had such a good time writing my latest short story to the youtube videos of “Hijo de la luna” and “Breathe” that I started searching for some music to put me in the mood for “fifteenth century Japan that never was.”

The novel is going to be an expansion of my Wilting Lily stories, published by now defunct Spaceways Weekly and then a later story in the now defunct (sense a pattern here?) Foxfire .

And it lead me to this excellent blend of Japanese traditional koto and shamisen played with modern pop music, by Rin’ a trio of beautiful Japanese women who remind me of a Japanese version of Dixie Chicks in a way.

Anyway, here’s one of their pieces sung by Lisa Loeb, called Anti hero and then another one, more traditionally Japanese pop called Sakura Sakura .

It’s the perfect accompaniment to the story!