I think little children must have particularly vivid and emotionally high dreams. Possibly whatever chemical in our brain that keeps adults from actually moving around and yelling isn’t quite all there in small childhood.

I say this because I remember how girl1 used to talk and scream in her sleep. And now, girl2 is doing the same thing.

She’ll say things in a loud, upset voice, turn over, pull off the covers, and then fall back down on her pillow, sound asleep.

Almost all of her night time utterances begin with a long, drawn-out, falling tone “no!”

Of course I’m up with a heartbeat approaching 100 miles an hour, but she’s fine.

Last night was a strange one. Here’s the series of things she yelled:

“No! I’m going to eat you!”

“Girl1, I want the Christmas!”

“Grandma is over there”

I shudder to think about who she was talking to for her first yell- I hope the gingerbread man.

And then today, girl2, who is fiercely independent and not at all as easy as to manipulate as girl1, was taking her sweet old time getting out of the car after shopping with me at Haggen.

So I was like “Girl2, get your coat please.” She ignores me. “Remember it’s your job to bring your coat, mommy has to take in the groceries.”

Then, all frustrated because she was almost inside the house and still ignoring me. “Okay! Either you have to bring in all the groceries or your coat.” (of course in my mind, this situation would have resolved itself into girl2 taking her coat, because what 3 year old really wants to lug three heavy bags of groceries into the house?)


So my little three year old made three trips back and forth from the garage to the house carrying grocery bags almost as big as she is.

I took her coat in. 🙂