Yep, I have officially read ten books in January. I’ll probably have time to read one more.

No, I don’t usually read this much. Events have conspired to make me lazy and tired at night (as well as the lack of Heroes, Lost, Moonlight, Pushing Daisies, etc) which means either I write or read.

And when I’m lazy, I read.

It’s a kind of research, right?

Anyway, about Freedom’s Gate by Naomi Kritzer

Naomi Kritzer is an author that I really really want to like. She’s a writer who has been open about her experience writing as a mother, and I totally get that. However, as much as I respect her skill at writing clear, engaging prose, and interesting twists on historical times/places, the choices she’s made for the subjects of her novel aren’t my particular cup of tea.

Darn. She writes iced tea and I like lattes.

Freedom’s Gate is the first in a trilogy about an alternate Khazakhstan when the Greeks were in charge. The main issue she’s dealing with is the different ways humans are in bondage to eachother, either as slaves or the chains we willingly accept.