I was testing Shiraz (yes, a little known, but important part of my role as stay at home mom) and I bought one from South America and one from Australia.

And the winner is……Australia! By a landslide!

Layer Cake Shiraz made from a Barossa Varietal, is luscious and drinkable, with none of that young alcoholy taste I usually find in Shiraz.

At around 15.00 retail, its totally affordable as a “slightly better than my 9 dollar wine” buy.

And you know I had to buy it because of the cake on the label, and just the way “Layer Cake Shiraz” slides off the tongue.

Yep, that’s how I choose my wines. How do you choose them, smartypants?

Drink it today. And read “The Book Thief.” It’s an unbeatable combination.