The Hunter’s Moon is a YA novel about two cousins (Findabhair and Gwenyhvar) in Ireland who decide to sleep in a fairy mound and one is captured by the King of Faeries.

Gwen goes on a quest both in the real world and out, to save her cousin. In the end, she joins forces with friends made along the way, and the Faerie King himself, to battle a far greater danger.

Lots of folklore, lots of gaelic, lots of twists and turns. However, the writing felt very hokey to me. People’s emotions are fairly straightforward, and Gwen’s acceptance of her “plumpness” after her love interest said “I like a girl with meat on her bones” was a little too quick and pat.

The friends she meets along the way are too good, and their goodness and willingness to go FAR out of their way to help Gwen is never quite explained or explored to my satisfaction.

I guess it just didn’t show me anything new, or put me through any series of emotions.

While I like the folklore stuff, sometimes it is delivered in a way that made me say, “right, this teenager Gwen, who professes to not know that eating faerie food is bad, knows the geographical history of this particular mound.”