Nalini Singh has this quite interesting world with three races: Psy, changeling (shapeshifter), and Human.

Mine to Posess is basically romance with intrigue subplots set in a cool world.

While I liked the cool world, and the alpha male was crazy alpha, and the heroine while needing help wasn’t entirely pathetic, ummm, how can I say this… was OVER THE TOP in terms of portraying people’s emotions.

I mean EVERYTHING right from the beginning was all posession, angst, love, sex, etc. etc.

Maybe a bit too much for me. I love me the posessive, alpha male, but this went too far into obsession land (which in this book was portrayed as okay because the main alpha male was supposedly just being “leopard-like” when he felt these things)

Hmm, maybe I’m getting prudish and staid in my old age….