Liz Gallagher’s Opposite of Invisible is about Alice, a high school girl who is figuring out how to relate to boys.

She has a best friend who is a boy, Jewel, who is an artist and an outsider at school. And then there’s this football player, Simon, who is in her Spanish class and is popular.

When Simon starts noticing Alice and both boys kiss her within a span of days, Alice has to figure out what is really important to her and who she wants to be.

I felt like Alice was fairly genuine in this book. There were lots of little bits like her wanting to take a glass-blowing class outside of school so she could be someone else, or how she’s trying to explain why Jewel isn’t hanging around anymore after she hooks up with Simon and tells her mom “It’s a popularity thing, you wouldn’t understand.”

While I love happy endings, this one resolved oh so easily without any seeming lasting consequences to the social pecking order or to Alice’s reputation after she lets Simon get to first base.

But all in all, a very nice, quick read. And it’s set in Seattle, so they drink vanilla lattes and stuff. Cool.