So I’m all caught up on the books I have to read before leaving tomorrow for a week to Hawaii with the family. My mom and brother’s family are already there.

It must be the result of being the daughter of a librarian, but I have this anxiety related to taking library books on an airplane with me. Because, you know, the worst possible tragedy in the world would be if I LOST the book or if WATER got on it.

Alarms would go off when I entered Beaverton Library. They’d take away my special “daughter of a librarian” card that lets me back into the stacks and get books before anybody else (just kidding)

Anyway. I liked Shana Abe’s first two books in this series. It’s romance with dragons. I mean, the hero and heroine are dragons. The Smoke Thief (first in the series) felt fresh and thrilling to me. I loved how the author used the dragons’ abilities to turn to smoke and also to dragon form in the plot.

Now….hmmmm….its getting stale for me. I think the fact that the main love relationship in all three books are always like “oh no I can’t go against the rules of my clan and marry/not marry you”. Also the constant turning and description of it kind of was ho-hum.

I admit, I had to skim a lot in this third book.

Anyway, first two books in this series YES and this one ho-hum.