I’m writing this from the condo in Hawaii where we’re staying. I got to read a lot on the plane over 🙂

I can’t remember where I got the recommendation for this book. But it turned out to be pretty kooky and enjoyable.

It is about a conjuror and sometime investigator in Victorian England who stumbles across a plot by a Samuel Coleridge-obsessed cult to take over London. He is assisted in his efforts by a hairless, un-woundable man called the somnambulist.

The characters are awesome. From going-to-pot but still wanting a last hurrah Edward the main character, to the scary supernatural assassins the prefects, to the narrator himself, who turns out to have a large part to play in the story.

My only gripe is that the titular character never played as large a part in the story as might be expected, and his particular ending was a tad bit unsatisfying for me, although the ending as a whole was fine.

Very recommended.