Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight is a best seller, and when I requested the sequel, New Moon , the Beaverton library informed me I was 65 out of 129 people to request that book.

I guess the series is doing well.

Okay, so without sneaking a peek at my own review for Twilight, here’s what I thought of New Moon:

The main, human, character Bella still reads as a real high school girl, and I still want to smack the sh*t out of her for being so pathetic and wanting people to save her all the time.

I want to smack her for being all like “I have a hole in my side and I can’t breathe” for 8/10’s of the book.

But…I couldn’t stop reading it. And, I didn’t skim huge chunks, which I tend to do when I get bored. I was involved in this book until the very end. This time Bella gets involved with werewolves. Her best friend turns out to be genetically predisposed to werewolf-hood because the vampires had returned to Forks. So basically her lover forced her best friend to be a werewolf and now they are mortal enemies.


And yes, I will be putting in my request for Eclipse, the third in the series, despite my beefs with Bella.