Again, for the life of me I can’t remember where I picked up a recommendation for this one, but Bloom turned out to be very sweet and real.

It’s the story of a girl who is tolerated by the popular crowd because Dave, the most popular guy in school, is dating her. Only things are not as they seem. Who she is with him is not the person she really wants to be. When Evan, her former “stepbrother” returns to town, she finds herself craving the more wild and intense feelings she finds with him.

Basically its your typical teen romance. But….and this is why I picked up Bloom to page through idly while the girls were playing computer at the library and couldn’t put it down…the main character, Lauren, has a very compelling voice.

All her reactions to Evan pushed my romance button multiple times. I also enjoyed how we get to see her dissing her friends (out of fear they’ll find out she’s cheating on Dave) and how she justifies that in her own mind.

Very interesting. And a super-quick read. My only problems with it are a) TRUE ROMANCE like she has with Evan I think is a tad impossible b) Popular boys like Dave DON”T ask out non-descript band groupies like Lauren in real life and c) NOONE is as thoughtful and kind as Dave is in this book (despite the hints we get that he is terrified of not doing the right thing)

All’s I’m sayin’.