Innocent Mage by Karen Miller is an epic fantasy.

I couldn’t finish it. Sorry! Maybe I’m just too tired when I read at night to enjoy the slow unfolding of a story. I enjoyed the main characters: Asher the earthy fisherman, Gar the angsty prince, etc. However, the well done characters weren’t enough to make me keep reading.

Let’s just say the action is a tad slow. I skimmed ahead and jumped around in the book, but still couldn’t get drawn in even when the serious action began near the last 100 pages or so with the entrance of the Big Bad.

Kudos for world and character building go to the author. Not my cup of tea.

Yikes. I just realized that the last two books I read are epic in scope, and I couldn’t finish either of them. Way to go on the “sticking to it” factor, there, Kirsten.