Carole Nelson Douglas is an author from my past. Her fantasy Six of Swords was one of my favorites back in the times when I was filching Piers Anthony and Elric of Melnibone from my older brother’s bookshelves.

So in my perusal of latest urban fantasy (vampire, werewolf, or other) releases, it was a pleasant surprise for me to see she had one of her own, the Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator series.

But at the same time, I was a little leery, as I kind of blush to admit what I liked back in those days, and shudder at my own taste.

But I’m game. So I ordered the book (not available in my library).

Dancing with Werewolves was not to my taste.

I think it was trying too hard to be both light hearted and funny and angsty at the same time. It did not mix well. If I could have separated out the funny, playful wordage of the heroine from the “I’m so lonely and I don’t know who I am” angst, it would have worked better for me.

Just a note, though. If you’re going to have a spunky heroine who, despite her confessed phobia of being horizontal or bound up or powerless, chooses without a blink of an eye to purposefully go places where packs of vampires or werewolves hang out, please please don’t give her a hellhound sidekick.

Especially if that sidekick is a dog that can take out packs of biker werewolves all by himself. Or one whose tongue magically heals wounds.

Because it isn’t fair. And Canus-ex-machina does not a good plot make.

Unfortunately, these weaknesses outshone the very interesting mix of zombies and movies, the sexy and believable romance, and other cool ideas this book has. Which of course means my feelings are mightily mixed about this book.