Dash it all.

Unlike what I usually say, I DIDN’T want to like Tiger Eye by Marjorie Liu.

Really, I didn’t. The cover is awful. The back blurb sounded so hokey. The emotional stuff was way overwritten and angsty. And, come on, sexy man trapped in a box who appears like a genie? Way way overdone city.

But. Crap.

I read it straight through until 2am in the morning. I loved it. The dialogue was great. The secondary characters with their psi powers surrounding the heroine were great. The heroine was a METALSMITH! And one of her creations is used to kill a child and she questions herself. I mean, like, how often does that happen?

The reason-for-waiting-to-consummate was even believable based on the hero’s past trauma.

Now I gotta go and read her other paranormal romances…

Very recommended. Be careful thought, it was like eating chocolate cream cheese brownies, and you won’t want to stop.