So there’s been lots said about writing and time, and the finding of time to write. By people much better spoken than I.

But let me just add that, when speaking to non-parent writer friends of mine who complain that they just don’t have time in the day to write and they wish they could write more but they’re either too tired or they’re too busy, I just nod and smile.

And all the while want to strangle them.

Because you know what? If you don’t have kids or a senile relative you’re responsible for, you HAVE THE TIME.

You don’t have to wipe anybody’s butt, you don’t have to pick them up from school, you don’t have to make sure the door’s locked so they don’t run outside and jump in front of traffic. When you get up at 5am just to get some writing in, you don’t have two little creatures who immediately get up and try to follow you into the other room which means they didn’t get enough sleep and will be cranky all day.

When you say to another adult person in the house “just let me have ten more minutes here”, they don’t jump on your back, try to steal your mouse, start hitting their sister, or break china.

So, if you want to write, then write. If it’s important to you, you will do it. If its not important, you won’t. But don’t come whining to me. Because right now, you have OODLES of time compared to parents of small children/babies.

Just do it.