I was confused.

I thought I had read this Diana Wynne Jones book. It is one of Tina’s favorite books.

Nope, I hadn’t read it. Now that I did read it, I see why Tina likes it.

Let’s say you took a Monty Python skit and gave it a beginning, middle, end, and rated it PG, and gave it a meaningful protagonist who has realizations about how people work along the way, that’s what you’d get with Archer’s Goon.

Impossible things happen, and everyone seems to be okay with it. There’s a wonderful dry sense of humor throughout. People keep on doing what they are doing. The characters are wonderful, and while I wasn’t surprised by the reveal of the true perpetrator of the crime at the end, if I wasn’t a writer/36 years old/way too prone to skipping ahead in a book, I wouldn’t have guessed.

Highly recommended.