This is the third installment in Stephanie Meyer’s breakaway hit, the Twilight Series, wherein a girl in Forks, Washington, falls in love with a vampire in high school.

Then she makes friends with a werewolf.

The two creatures don’t like each other very much.

As I’ve said before, this book MAKES me want to read it even while I’m cringing and wanting to smack the heroine because she is whiney and angsty and does things like forgive unforgiveable things because she LUUUURRRRRVVVVVES the vampire.

I hate that. I so hate that.

So why am I reading the third book and anticipating the release of the final book?

Because I can’t stop myself. It’s like being in a party where the hostess is just taking a last few minutes to finish up something in the kitchen and the rest of the guests are in a different room and you’ve had just enough beer or wine to loosen your inhibitions.

And there’s a plate of blue corn tortilla chips and fresh salsa there. And nobody to see you eat the whole thing.

And so you do.

That’s what reading this book is like.

So I can’t recommend it because I wouldn’t want you to start eating all those tortilla chips, but on the other hand, I could because why not have company in my gluttonous pit of shame?