So I am thinking more and more that Patty (my Codex novel buddy), and Tina , my oft mentioned Other Women writing buddy, have got something good going on with their focus on YA (Young Adult) and MG (Middle Grade) manuscripts they keep churning out.

You see, I LOVE YA. I just didn’t think what I wrote was YA. Because I also love Urban Fantasy/Urban Paranormal/Paranormal Romance, and when I’m writing, I keep wavering on the edge of “should I write more “adult” scenes into this?” or should I try to “keep it YA?” which isn’t the best way to go about writing a novel, I am sure.

But after Rachel Vater (agent) was all like, “Tokyo’s Robin Hood seems YA to me” I got all excited and started thinking I do write YA.

Maybe I’m just a YA writer wannabee, who knows? Anyway, Justine Larbalestier points out a post by John Scalzi regarding how well YA sales are doing right now:

“Without mentioning specific numbers or titles, my friend says that last week, the top 50 YA SF/F bestsellers outsold the top 100 adult SF/F bestsellers (adult SF and F are separate lists) by two to one. So 50 YA titles are selling twice as much as 100 adult SF/F titles. The bestselling YA fantasy book last week (not a Harry Potter book) outsold the bestselling adult fantasy book by nearly four to one; the bestselling YA science fiction title sold three copies for every two copies of the chart-topping adult SF title. ”

Yep, count me in the YA writers!