You may have noticed a slight gap in my book reviews.

I’ve decided not to post about books that I start and then don’t finish.

And, while I love love love Marjorie Liu’s Dirk and Steele parnormal romance, you’all probably don’t need me to post about each successive one I read.

Meanwhile, in a conversation I had with a friend the other day over a green tea latte, I decided that the phrase “lies are stories we tell ourself to survive” (from a Marjori Liu book, no less) is a fairly accurate explanation of some of the ways our behavior does not intersect what we SAY our behavior is.

There are the ways we see ourselves, and then there is that little gray area where what we are meets up with what we say we are, and I think our mind starts to fill in the gaps (in the same way it does when see words printed without vowels but can still read them, for example) and that it becomes the truth in our minds.

But no the truth in the minds of others who can see us. So its important to have friends who can a) see you and b) tell you where your version of reality is slightly screwy in a way you can hear.