I love me Charlaine Harris. I love that her heroines are not kick ass nitty gritty people, but people who worry about how they’re going to pay for their door after a werewolf crashed it down, or that they need to worry about what the neighbors will think if they’re coming in all hours of the night.

I love that emotions aren’t easy. There isn’t just TRUUUUUU LUUUURRRVE, but people working out how that love is going to work.

And i love Sookie Stackhouse novels because after Laurell K. Hamilton put me off of vampires forever (first 3 books of Anita are okay, after that…hmm…) Charlaine Harris got me back.

Her latest, Dead to Worse, was fine. I wished for more development between Eric and Sookie, but she’s opened up a whole new can of worms relationship wise with other beings in this book, so it makes me relieved to think she’s got a lot more of Sookie’s story to tell.

Recommended, but only if you’ve read the others.