Kim Harrison’s 6th installment in the Rachel Morgan Urban Fantasy series is Outlaw Demon Wails.

(I love her punnish titles)

I really enjoyed the first three-four of this series, but I’ve been finding that, unlike Sookie Stackhouse which I can’t get enough of or Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, this series is beginning to wear thin on me.

It’s not that the author isn’t coming up with new and exciting problems and twists for her character, but I guess the way these play out with Rachel continually trying to fix things on her own, etc. is getting old with me.

I still enjoyed this one, where Rachel finds out the secret of her parentage (and kudos to Kim Harrison for keeping that a secret for five books!) and begins getting over the loss of her boyfriend (which didn’t go down with me for some reason, her whole angst over Kisten the vampire dying for her. It just didn’t feel…developed enough for me).

It’s a toss up whether I’ll get the next one in the series.

Guardedly recommended, only if you’ve read the series from the beginning.