Girl2 is four today. My little baby is four.

Have I ever told you about why girl2 is so awesome? Have I ever explained that she has this trick of getting anyone of just about any age to play with her without self consciousness or artifice?

She just comes up and starts playing with that infectious grin of hers.

Have I ever explained that out of our family girl2 is the best at diffusing my anger or irritation? Because she just says “I’m sorry mommy” and comes over for a hug. No excuses, no ego manipulations.

And have I ever explained how proud of her I am? That, like her big sister, she enjoys performing and is one of the loudest and most confident voices in her japanese preschool recitals.

Did I ever boast about how she loves dressing up like a princess, but also wants to watch Japanese Ultraman videos?

She asks me for broccoli for snacks. She can open the refrigerator, pick out a yoghurt, open the top, get a spoon herself and sit down at the table and eat.

When asked what she wants for dinner (and she could have anything) she ways she wants “alien pancakes” from Denny’s.

I am so very very lucky to be girl2’s mommy, and I wish I could take credit for all the good things she is becoming, but really the truth is, she’s doing it on her own.

Happy Birthday Banana Monkey 🙂