Excellent YA science fiction. Life as we knew it is about now. About what would happen right now in a small town in Pennylvania if the USA ( and the world) suffered a major catastrophic event (in this case a meteor hits the moon and causes tsunami, earthquakes, and dormant volcanoes to erupt throwing anough ash into the air to cause winter early).

And it is seen through the eyes of a high school student who has to worry about things like school and the future, and which of her siblings should survive if there isn’t enough food.

What I like about this book is that it tastes real to me. The main character makes mistakes like eating food she shouldn’t, and feeling petty and scared and hungry.

I also like how the change in lifestyle from the one we know now to a survivalist, minimalist existence is accomplished slow enough that you go along with it until you suddenly realize how different and terrible that survivalist existence is without the sudden change that makes things unbelievable.

And I like that in the book, people survive because of love, and things may or may not work out, but that you know the world will be changed forever.

And it also makes me want to stockpile batteries and bottled water.

Highly recommended.