I requested Haunted Ground on the advice of my stepmother. *waves*

This book is about two scientists who are called in when the head of a woman is discovered by an Irish farmer as he is cutting peat moss.

This book has wonderful, wonderful characters in it, and each one carries a load of sorrow and beauty.

The mystery of the woman’s head is layered over with the mystery of the local gentry’s missing wife and son, and also with the murder of one of the scientist’s sister.

But the best thing (as I am my father’s daughter) is the history that is skillfully woven throughout this book. I learned so much. And I enjoyed the music references, too.

My only gripe is that I felt that Ireland and the history was a tad bit romanticized, although how could I know never having been there myself? There’s just this flavor of noble sadness throughout the book that didn’t seem to reveal the real pettiness of humanity in it.

But I could be wrong.

Highly recommended.