Along with some unfinished books (that I’ve decided not to mention as they are by an author I LOVE because of her short stories and mythology work), I finished Small Favor by Jim Butcher.

This is the umpteenth book in his Harry Dresden wizard series.

And I thought I was getting a bit tired of the series, but he’s managed to make this one engaging and interesting, as well as continuing the character development of beloved minor characters.

I don’t know how Jim Butcher does it, but aside from like one or two books in the middle, I’ve never been bored reading this series, which says a lot.

It’s urban fantasy with a male protagonist, and involves lots and lots of fight scenes with just a smidgen of romance, not my usual fare you know, but its awesome.

Highly recommended only if you’ve read the series before. (If not, go and read the other ones so you know who everyone is and you’ll understand the gravity of what happens because you’ll know the backstory)