The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks is a high school feminist manifesto.

Watch as Frankie gets the popular guy to like her at the elite boarding school. Watch as she resents his underestimation of her. Watch as she gets back at him by infiltrating his secret male society.

Watch as she loses him.

Watch as she realizes she doesn’t want to be the girl she was as his girlfriend anyway.

And hijinks ensue.

Very readable YA, very entertaining. I feel like…hmmmm…that I was unsatisfied with the ending. Frankie gets off scot free. I guess I wanted more consequences other than losing her boyfriend. And I wanted there to be one male character that Frankie perceived as being not hopeless.

But the rest was yummy. Especially her “neglected positives” made me positively gruntled and comfited.