Oh. My.

I’ve been hearing good things about his book for a loooong time now. So I finally bought it (Beaverton Library didn’t have it when I was looking for it. They have it now) The Spymaster’s Lady has a normal bodice-ripper cover, but what is inside is much more than just your average historical romance.

It’s about a French spy and an English spymaster, and a very important set of plans for Napoleon’s invasion of England.

Joanna Bourne has an ear for language. She has a way of describing things using senses other than visual.

I loved, loved the way she had the heroine speak in a cadence that was French, and use ways of speaking that sounded French to me. It was awesome.

And the author tricked me right off the bat. I didn’t see something that I should have (and I don’t want to spoil it so I can’t tell you) and its because of this author’s facile way with sensual description. I actually had to go back and reread the first part of the book after the revelation just to see how the author did it.

Lots of historical goodness. Lots of spy cleverness and political intrigue. Bravo. This author goes on my “must read” list.

Very Highly Recommended.