Um…am I old fashioned? Do I not give enough credit to how busy people are? Or how complicated are the emotions writers feel about works in progress?

It could be. I’ve been wrong before.

I’ve had two times in the past few months where I gave feedback to writing to people. I realize that my comments are not all hot stuff, but I would imagine, or at least in my world it is so, that if someone takes the time to read your work and think about it, and write comments back, whether they be negative or not, that this work should be acknowledged in some way.

Both of these times I sent my feedback by email and received no reply whatsoever. Now this is a delicate situation. I don’t want to be like “hey, did you get my email?” because what if they didn’t like my comments or are feeling down?

But on the other hand, what if my email went to spam?

Now I have been guilty of putting off difficult emails before. But even when I receive negative comments, I can usually fire off a “I got your feedback today, I’ll get to it later, thanks,” kind of email, yes?

Let’s just say I am less motivated to read for people who don’t acknowledge.

I shall end my rant now. Please forgive my coffee-fueled vehemence.