Black Magic Woman by Justin Gustainis is a book straddling the line between urban fantasy and horror. I went into it expecting urban fantasy a la the Dresden Files, and so this may have colored my reading of the book somewhat.

How was it horror, you may ask? It had the multiple viewpoint (including the bad guys), the gore with less action and planning, and it had much less focus on the developing relationships between potential lovers or friends that urban fantasy tends to have.

I enjoyed reading this overall, but I didn’t gobble it up like I usually do. I think for me the elements that worked in this story were the witch magic, the character of Quincy Morris, and the nasty evilness of the child-killing bad witch.

But…because of the aforementioned viewpoint switching, we never got to stay with the title character, Quincy Morris very long, we hardly got any background or insight into his character through his relationships with the other characters. It was told to us rather than revealed how he felt about different things.

I think I would have gotten more into this if we had more of Quincy Morris, and less of the secondary story line and other viewpoints.

Still, it is worth reading. Recommended.