I was lucky enough to see author Mark Henry at the Cedar Hills Powell’s lo these many moons ago (along with a seattle contingent of Richelle Mead, Kat Richardson, and Cherie Priest, all of whom are fan girl worthy) and really liked the reading.

It was funny, hip, Seattle-specific to good taste, and the main character was a strong lead.

So I bought the book, Happy Hour of the Damned. It’s about an advertising exec who finds herself a zombie after an accident and how she learns about the Seattle otherworld (werewolves and vampires and incubus, oh my!) and an evil plot to make everyone into either rabid zombies or zombie lunch through Starbuck’s. (awesome)

I enjoyed the book. Like a Chardonnay, it was light and something to drink on a hot summer day. However, while this book is very funny and witty (the asides written as footnotes are precious) it wore on me after all.

And the graphic bottom references/jokes kind of wore on me, too.

It was very…..gory…..and graphic.

So, I would say it was enjoyable, but it wasn’t no Pinot Noir.

Recommended for those of you tired of Pinot Noir Urban Fantasy.