If you live near Washington Square Mall, you probably saw the new Dutch Brother’s coffee stand that just opened up across from Target on sw Hall boulevard near Scholls Ferry.

They had free drinks all day long, and there was quite a crowd. Dutch Brothers roasts their own coffee, and are franchises mostly centered in Oregon, California, and Washington.

I like them because I can drive through for my own coffee, and then get a smoothie for the kids.

They happened to open right on the route I go to take girl2 to Japanese preschool, so they’ll be getting my business for the next two years!

Another opening is Bungalow Bread just opened up in that weird business area where Western Cafe is on SW Scholls Ferry near greenway park. (right before nimbus).

I’m a sucker for bread. I went there today with girl2 and tasted their white bread (okay) and girl2 tasted their banana chocolate chip bread (good).

Interestingly enough, they have a weekly delivery (free) service where you choose bread or cookies for four weeks and they deliver it to you. Right now its only the Beaverton area.

I bought chocolate chip cookies (fine, no biggee) and their honey whole wheat bread (soft enough I think the girls will eat it) I was hoping for bread store/sandwhich store, but they’re pretty much only a bread/cookie bakery.

I’m psyched to try their cinnamon chip bread….