Airplanes! Hotel Rooms!

These mean Kirsten reads.

And it’s actually a rare thing these days (when I was younger I ate up like every Xanth novel and couldn’t rest without finishing a series) that I finish the third in a fantasy series, but Lois McMaster Bujold is THE BOMB.

So I finished the third book in her Sharing Knife series starring Dar the older and wiser lakewalker with powers and Fawn the naive but piercing intellect farmer.

I don’t know why I finished it. Nothing really happens in this book. They travel down a river. Dar angsts over revealing lakewalker secrets to the farmers. Fawn angsts over Dar’s angst. They both angst over various farmers and lakewalkers who want to join them.

There wasn’t even a malice to fight, for gosh sakes.

But it was good, it held my attention both emotionally and intellectually.