I was way ahead of the pack (at least here in Beaverton) in anticipating the release of Breaking Dawn, and so was lucky enough to be one of the first ones on the library hold list.

I just finished the book. As anyone can see by popping over to the Amazon page, this book incited a riot among fans of Stephanie Meyer’s saga of teenage love between a human girl and a vampire, with a werewolf best friend thrown in the mix.

Half love the book (5 stars) and half hate the book (one star).

And how do I feel? Hmmmm….torn. Half of me was mostly…uh…bored by the book. Part of the fun of the prior three books was the tension between Bella and her two suitors. It was the tension between the werewolves and vampires.

All of that is swept away in this fourth book because everyone gets a happy ending. Even when the big, bad Volturi vampire masters come to do away with Bella’s new family, her new superpower shield makes the Volturi turn tail and run (I mean, how bland is that? She gets a super defensive power and that’s what saves the day. No consequences for deploying said superpower. No tension between power and responsibility. See what I mean? Ho hum)

And yet…I like happy endings. And I was glad not to leave her werewolf boyfriend forever in pain and angst.

I couldn’t put the first two books of this series down (as ashamed as I am to admit that). The third one was okay. This one I had to skim alot of boring bits.

So there you go.