So just like my Japanese hubby, native Korean speakers often have trouble with the “l” and “r” distinction. But, they also have trouble with the “p” and “f” distinction.

So imagine my glee when many of the prompts I’ve been scoring this weekend (where the respondent population has been overwhelmingly Korean) included the concept of “parking” (or “pah-king” where the “p” is replaced with an “f”.)

Many responses could be…um….interpreted in a slightly risque way, but this one (paraphrased slightly) just had me in tears:

“We need another Pah-king area. People can’t pahk here. The pahking place is too small. So let’s make more pahking. Then there will be no problem with the people pahking. Because everyone needs to pahk.”

Yep. There you have it, folks. Everyone needs to pahk.