I resent the fact that I don’t have unlimited amounts of energy and time.

Sometimes I feel like I am totally doing well in one part of my life (keeping up friends’ relationships, or housecleaning, for example) only to realize several days later that I haven’t written for a week or that I forgot to pay a bill or the library books are overdue (don’t worry, father, I don’t actually EVER have overdue books. It’s just exaggeration for effect).

How do you maintain that momentum and ease in all parts of your life? Why do I have to choose?

Anyway, apparently these past few weeks were family and friends and berry-picking relationships as opposed to house or writing.

I’m stuck on novel 2 right where I spent a lot of time stuck with novel 1: right in the middle of the climactic scene.

And the reason I’m stuck is because I DON’T KNOW what’s going to happen. I’m a ‘seat of my pants’ writer, which means this is usually what happens, right? I write without knowing how its going to turn out.

The problem is, at the end of your novel when you’re supposed to show character development, your heroine is supposed to be active and not passive, and you have to tie up loose ends, this doesn’t work so much.

You kinda gotta know what’s going to happen.

And the brain is not cooperating because its looking up blueberry and zuccini recipes and being a conversationalist.

Le sigh.

Let’s hope with Naoto gone for the next two weeks that I can get my brain back on track.