Patricia Briggs is already one the authors on my must read list because of her Moon Called series featuring a coyote skinwalker volvo mechanic who gets involved with werewolves, vampires, and the fae in her little Washington state town.

I love that series, and its not because of romance or sexual tension, although there’s a little of that (not as much as usual, though)but because of the jump-out-of-the-book-and-drink-coffee with you reality of the characters.

So now she’s got a new series started. After a novella in an anthology called “On the Prowl”, her editor asked her to write a whole book featuring the characters from the novella: Anna an Omega (can not be dominated by alpha wolves) and Charles (the dominant son of the head Alpha).

But even though Cry Wolf about them discovering eachother in a relationship, its not…quite a romance per se. It’s more a story about different kinds of love, and how love can take many forms.

It’s also an action tale about how they take down a monster of a black witch in the snowy mountains.

Did I like it? Yes. Would I read more? Definitely. I like all the details we get about characters only mentioned fleetingly in Moon Called. I also genuinely like Anna and Charles.

And despite not being able to read On the Prowl to see how their story starts, and consequently feeling like I’m missing something, making characters you want to hang out with is one of Patricia Briggs’ strong points, so I really enjoyed Anna, Charles, and the other werewolves of the Bran’s pack.