And yet more Adam Stemple, this time in the sequel to Singer of Souls, Steward of Song. .

Wow, I probably qualify as an Adam Stemple groupie now or something. Something, anyway.

It’s too bad I didn’t enjoy this one as much as I did the first in the series. While I LOVED the hard-ass character of Bridie (who comes in as an ex cop and just basically uses violence to solve all her problems) as the main character’s sister, the never ending fighting- both physical and emotional, kind of wore me down after a while. I think this book could have used some lulls, some more building of Scott’s character outside his craziness.

Some more building of who Douglas had become since the last book as King of the Fey. Too little of his bogie sidekick, Martes.

This book really felt like it was passing time, just letting us know what events happened instead of telling story the way the first book did. Maybe because the narrative was split between crazy Scottie and his sister-o-violence, without much at all from Douglas (main character from the first book) and maybe its because it seemed like the big pay off (saving Fletcher, the baby from both creatures that want to eat him and Douglas who may want to kill him) was so…lame. Nothing happened. No, really, nothing.

Scottie convinced Douglas to just strip himself of the powers and give up the lands of the fey. On the off chance he might see his grandmother again. No matter that this was the guy willing to kill his sister and his only son, that convinced him.


Oh well, maybe I don’t get to be in the fan club after all.