Girl2 is not that good at putting books back on the bookshelf. They tend to be quite messed up once she’s gone through them to choose a book for reading time.

But every once in a while, I’ll look at the Japanese books, and see that someone had neatly lined up all the books by size and shape so that they fit perfectly inside the bookshelf.

And I assumed it was Naoto. Because he’s persnickety about things like that. And basically, I don’t care if things look neat as long as they are out of the way.

But when Naoto went to Japan this past time, I noticed someone had neatly arranged the books again.

It wasn’t Naoto. It wasn’t me.

I realized it had been girl1 all this time. When I mentioned it to Naoto this morning, he told me he’d assumed it was ME doing it all this time.

Girl1’s a chip off the Naoto block. Tee hee.