Best Baguette is a Vietnamese-Sandwhich shop. Think French bread with a variety of different meats accompanied by pickled carrots and vegetables.

They are scrumptious. All of them cost less than $3 and you can buy bubble thai coffee in the same store!

And you used to have to go all the way to SE Powell to buy them, but now a new one opened up on SW Hall near Cedar Hills across from Standard Appliance (a new rib restaurant and pho restaurant opened up next door, too)

I just went and spent $15 dollars there, and got myself a free full size baguette. I can’t wait to dig in tonight.

Even if you’re not a meat (and some of those meat descriptions don’t translate well into English, I mean, what exactly is the difference between “pork” and “grilled Pork” and “pork roll”?) fan they do have tuna and avocado and pickled vegetable options.

If you’ve never had a Vietnamese sandwhich, I heartily recommend you try it once!