…or in our case, a Grandma.

I’m pretty sure my mom didn’t know the full extent of what she was letting herself in for when she decided to move close to us here in Beaverton.

Of course there’s the obvious benefits for my family. I couldn’t work unless Grandma was around for pick ups and drop offs related to school. Naoto would have to get to work late all the time if she didn’t come in the morning to pick up the slack. When Naoto’s gone in Japan, she picks up even more childcare duties.

However, besides being Sometime-Mommy and Sometime-Daddy to my children, Grandma also provides services to an extended network of friends.

She plays with kids at parties that are not her blood relations. She provides some of the childcare and taxi services that allows one of my friends to go to nursing classes, another friend to get her child to school on time despite conflicting start times for her two kids, and serves as de facto Grandma in Sunday School and other gatherings.

So, it’s a little late, but here’s to my Mom on Senior Appreciation Day in Japan.

Couldn’t do it without you. Literally.