Jeri Smith-Ready gives us another vampire paranormal (romantic) with Wicked Game .

The cool thing about this one is that the main character DOESN’T HAVE SUPER POWERS. She’s just an ex-con. As in, ex confidence trickster. And it is this that she uses as her angle to defeat the bad vampires when they threaten the radio station where the good vampires work.

This gets points for originality (way cool vampire dying scenes) and for romantic lead who definitely doesn’t want to get bitten and stays that way.

I feel like the story just didn’t…quite….hang together all the way for me. I am assuming its a fault of the first novel in this series (although its not her first novel by any means) But I’ll definitely get the next in the series (Bad to the Bone in 2009).

As an added plus, there’s a WVMP website with music from each vampire dj in the book.

way cool.

Recommended for afficionados of vampire literature. Probably not for other people.