The Beaverton Library just threw a “Percy Jackson” party last month. That was my first inkling that the series of books by Rick Riordan were popular among the YA set.

Then girl1’s elementary school librarian mentioned the books, and I knew that I had to check them out. Pam, from POW , had a copy, but she wouldn’t tell me her opinion of the book. (not a good sign) So, with equal parts fear and expectation, I picked up “The Lightning Thief”, the first book in the series.

Percy Jackson is a boy in boarding school who finds out he is the son of a greek god. (which one is part of the mystery, so I shan’t spoil it here). And he has adventures. And he fights the minotaur, and medusa, and some other greek gods and their half-mortal progeny. He goes on a quest and saves the day.

And you learn a lot about greek mythology on the way, so kudos to ex-teacher Rick Riordan for making greek mythology come alive.

However…the book does contain one of my rapidly-becoming-pet-peeves: a protagonist who is too powerful.

I mean, come on, Percy is a BOY who is only half-god, right? And who doesn’t know his own powers, and who is a BOY! And he beats Ares, the god of war, in a one-on-one battle with swords.

Yep, doesn’t seem likely, does it? It didn’t seem likely to me, either.

Although Percy’s character is often believably angry with the “adults”, does rash things for the wrong reason, etc., the fact that he is “the one” and everyone treats him that way also gets on my nerves. I like my protagonists with weaknesses and believable powers, otherwise, it’s just not enough tension for me.

So, if you are 15 or under, I Recommend this book for you. But not for adults. šŸ™‚