Ain’t jet lag grand? I continue my freakish reading pace since I returned from Japan because I wake up at 12:00am every night and can’t sleep for hours.


Anyway, Silver Bough by Lisa Tuttle was handed to me by a friend, so I thought I’d give it a read.

And maybe I’m remembering wrong, but I think that friend said the book wasn’t that amazing. So maybe that colored my reading a little, or maybe, like one of the amazon reviewers said “this book is made for a movie”.

Made for a movie because then the actors could give depth to the characters I felt was lacking in the book.

I really wanted to like this; urban fantasy (okay, small town fantasy) where reality is slowly folded into fantastical happenings affecting the lives of the main characters.

For me, part of the problem was that there were too many POV characters, so that I never got a sense of the weight of what was happening to them through their own eyes. I wanted there to be consequences for them, and instead we got a “turn back time” happy ending where everyone ended up with someone else.

I would rather have bitter with my sweet.

Half-hearted recomendaiton.