….the look on Naoto’s face when the Verizon guy told him he installed DVR and the comcast sports channel.

….the fact that Maika’s hair stands straight up due to static electricity when she goes down the Japanese preschool slide.

…the fact that my mom cleaned my oven when I was out of town.

…the fact that I have experience with another culture, and thus when during my day job I hear a guy say “lotte store”, I know what that is.

…friends who are good enough to go see Twilight with me and stay quiet during the romantic part when really they just want to make jokes.

…friends who do carpool and are flexible about it.

…new urban fantasy books by local authors.

…my new “thesaurus” t-shirt with a dinosaur on it from snorgtees.com (http://www.kaboodle.com/reviews/thesaurus-t-shirt-snorg-tees-6)

…sleeping more than three hours last night without the aid of drugs.