Underground is the third book of the Greywalker series written by Kat Richardson (a Seattle local).

I don’t know what it is about this series. It’s not like it has the usual stuff that draws me in. The romantic element isn’t….tense. The magic is kind of nebulous in some areas (the exact nature of the Grey and who lives there. I mean, in the first book it was dangerous everytime the main character entered it, now she mostly uses it to see ghosts and for defense) and pretty cliched in other ways.

But….but….I’m still reading this series. Maybe its the Pacific Northwest setting and culture? Maybe its that despite the fact that I don’t like the decisions the main character makes, I still wanna find out what happens to her?

I’m not sure. So I’m not sure how to end this review. In some ways, I feel like the third book is better than the first book because the characters are more fleshed out…so, I guess I’ll say:

Guardedly Recommended, but only if you’ve read the first two in the series.