I have NO idea where I found the recommendation to pick up Wicked Gentlemen, but boy am I glad I did.

Wow. How come I’ve never heard of the author, Ginn Hale? Could it be because Hale writes gay fiction? I am not sure, but Wicked Gentlemen, while certainly featuring at its center a male romance, deserves not to be pegged into a hole.

Wicked Gentlemen rocks. It rocks hard. (no pun intended)

Even without the vividly-drawn, fascinating characters, the world itself (wherein a few generations ago the fallen angels populating hell came up and apologized and now their descendants are treated kind of in a similiar manner to how USAian’s treated native americans in the 1900’s) would have been worth the price of the book.

The book itself is more like two novellas thrown together; the first written from the point of view of a Prodigal (one of those aforementioned demon descendants) who is asked to help in a murder case. The second one is written from the point of view of the cop who becomes his lover, and it is filled both with descriptions of fast-paced action and how we long for things that either make us ashamed or that might destroy us.

Highly, highly recommended.