I guess if you’re British, you proabably know about John Barrowman already. (Scottish-born, American, UK-based actor/singer)

Unlucky USian that I am, it’s only recently that I realized that the character that stuck in my mind from the Dr. Who I saw a few years ago has his own spin-off science fiction show set in Cardiff (Cardiff? I didn’t even know what it was until I saw this show, but now I wanna go there) called Torchwood.

I finally got the season one dvd from the library. Let’s just say Naoto got a little mad at me when I subsequently spent the ENTIRE WEEKEND glued to the tv.

Oh, yes, Captain John Harkness. He is yummy. And he is flamboyant, and larger-than-life, and on the show he is “omnisexual.” And he kisses like EVERYBODY on Torchwood and Dr. Who, female and male.

In real life John Barrowman is an actor who is openly gay. With a little digging, it turns out he sings music from musicals (duh). And so, if like me, you like that kind of campy, flamboyant, singing, you could check out his recent single release:

What About Us

or here he is singing Maria from West Side Story


Excuse me now, I have to play “What About Us” and watch the scene from Torchwood where he kisses his co-team member Ianto Jones over and over and over and over again now.

See you when I surface.